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UV Knight

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UV Knight, 365nm Spot/ Flood Luminaire

The KLS UV Knight LED luminaire is a focusable UV source with a small lightweight form factor that was designed for lighting designers seeking a versatile light for blacklight highlights. The UV Knight features high output with a low 18W power draw, making it ideal in multi-light configurations that benefit from its low generated heat. The luminaire head can be separated from its ballast/power supply for custom installations. The UV Knight's 365 nanometer UV-A-LED emitter is paired with a manual zoom mechanism employed to yield an 8:1 spot-to-flood ratio, 7˚-55˚ zoomable beam angles that make it the perfect choice for precise, selective illumination of certain parts of a set for special effects. The full-featured UV Knight luminaire works in conjunction with a multi-voltage power supply for worldwide use and features 0-100% dimming, strobe, fade, and full-on modes that can be controlled locally or remotely via DMX. Optional accessories include a filter frame/accessory holder, snoot, and barndoors.


UV Knight, 365nm Spot/ Flood

Knight Single – Single Head DMX Power Supply

• High-Power 18W 365nm LED Emitter

• LED Lifetime Rated at 40,000 Hours

• Proprietary Silicone Lens

• Adjustable Lens Barrel from Narrow Spot (7˚) thru Wide Flood (55˚)

• Aluminum Milled Body & Lens Barrel

• Cold Forged Aluminum Passive Heat Sink

• Dual T-Knobs for Positive Tilt Lock

• 3’Head Cable w/ 9-Pin Connector

• On Board RDM Thermal Monitoring

• Multiple User Programmable Personalities including Full Output and Governor Mode

• Damp Rated–Not for Direct Water Contact

• Luminaire can be Remote Mounted from DMX Power Supply up to75’via Optional Cables

• Black Anodize & Electrostatic Powder Paint Finish

• Yoke Mounting via ½”Thru Hole

• Multiple Accessories Available Including Accessory Holder, Snoot & Barndoors

• 3-Year Limited Warranty

• 25W DMX-512A/RDM Power Supply

• Utilizes THE BLACK TANK Patented Technology

• Compatible w/ UV Knight, White Knight, Daylight Knight & Rainbow Knight RGBA / RGBW luminaires

• Stand-Alone Functions and Manual Intensity Settings

• Multiple User Personalities Accessible via RDM or Push Button LCD Display

• 9-Pin Interconnect Fixture Input

• 5-pin XLR DMX-In & DMX-Thru

• powerCON AC Input

• LCD Display w/ 4 Push Buttons for Programming

• RDM Identification and Thermal Monitoring

• 6’ powerCON Cable w/ Edison Connector for US/ Bare End International. Other Power Connectors Available

• Multi-Voltage Power Input 100VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz

• ETL & CE for Damp Location

• Triple-Head Power supply to be Available Q3 2021

• Mounting Bracket w/ ½” Thru Hole and ½”-13 Thread for Mounting Luminaire

• 3-Year Limited Warranty

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