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Knight Triple DMX PSU



Knight Triple – 3 Head DMX Power Supply

The KLS Knight Triple DMX power supply is designed to provide power and data to 3 x Knight Lighting Solution DMX luminaire, including the UV Knight, White Knight, Daylight Knight, Rainbow Knight-RGBA, Rainbow Knight-W and DMX Projector luminaires. It is designed for easy installation and set-up, as well as to provide long and reliable service for lighting installations.


The DMX/RDM power supply, with a maximum power draw of 65W, is built using patented technology from the industry-leading and trusted manufacturer THE BLACK TANK for a reliable and robust power supply. The Knight Triple power supply allows for stand-alone functions as well as the ability to set intensity levels manually at the unit to aid in focusing and service.


Features of the Knight Triple include multiple user personalities that are accessible via RDM [Remote Device Management] or via 3 x LCD display with four push buttons for easy programming; RDM identification; and thermal monitoring of temperature. The Knight Triple includes an adjustable mounting yoke to mount. The Triple PSU connect with the luminaire via 3 x  9-pin interconnect cable. It can also be remoted mounted away from the luminaires with the appropriate cable.


Power and data input for the Knight Triple includes AC power input and thru and includes a 6’ powerCON Cable w/ Edison plug for US applications; a bare end cable for international applications. [Other power connectors are available.] It can operate with multi-voltage input, 100V AC - 240V AC, 50/60Hz. The Knight Triple comes complete with 5-pin XLR DMX-In & DMX-Thru connectors for control connections.  ETL & CE rated for Damp Location. The Knight  power supply is backed with a three-year limited warranty.

· 65-Watt DMX-512A/ RDM Power Supply

· Utilizes THE BLACK TANK Patented Technology

· Compatible w/ UV Knight, White Knight, Daylight Knight Rainbow Knight (RGBA or RGBW) & Projector luminaires

· Stand-alone functions and manual intensity settings

· Multiple user personalities accessible via RDM or push button LCD displays

· 3 x 9-pin interconnect fixture inputs—Class 2

· 5-pin XLR DMX-In & DMX-thru

· powerCON AC Input & Output

· 3 x LCD Display w/ 4 push buttons for programming

· RDM Identification and thermal monitoring

· 6’ powerCON cable w/ Edison connector for  US/ bare end International. Other power connectors available

· Multi-Voltage Power Input 100-240vac 50/60Hz

· ETL Listed & CE Marked

· Yoke Mounting bracket w/ ½” thru hole

· 3.26lbs/ 1.48kg

· Safety Cable Included

· 3-Year limited warranty

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